Sunday, 30 November 2008

Election results: I received the highest number of primary votes but was not elected.

The results are now in for the Boroondara City Council election in Cotham Ward. Here they are:


First preference votes

PERRYMAN, Benjie 814 - 8.9%
BLOOM, David 2935 - 32 %
CAMPBELL, Peter 3229 - 35%
BILA, Theo 2071 - 22%


Votes after distribution

BLOOM, David 5113
CAMPBELL, Peter 3936

For more details see:
Even though I got the highest primary vote (for which I am pleased) David Bloom (Liberal, works in David Davis' office) got elected by the preference flow from the other two.

It was actually quite close - if Theo Bila got ahead of David Bloom then I would have been elected. I think it is a very good sign that so many people in Cotham ward voted for a sustainable future!

I would like to thank those who helped with leaflets and scrutineering.

I would also like to thank the many people in the ward who contacted me during the campaign about local issues, and for their encouragement.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Aged care services in Cotham and Boroondara

I received a query from a Cotham Ward resident about my position on support for aged care services. On the leaflet I had printed and personally distributed across the ward (with a little help from some friends), I state that I will work to ensure vital services that allow older people to remain at home in comfort are properly provided and resourced.

To further clarify this, some improvement to these services are required for those older people who wish to stay in their home.

However, it is important that people have a choice between staying at home or moving into facilities where more care can be provided if they wish.

May such facilities, such as the Eva Tilley Memorial Home, are doing a great job. However, I am hearing from residents that there is still work to do to improve both the quantity and quality of such aged care facilities across Boroondara.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Boroondara needs an East West bicycle path

Safe cycle paths, particularly an East West link, through Boroondara will promote cycling by providing residents with additional safe and convenient cycle routes free from car traffic. An Ease West link route would also benefit pedestrians, particularly in areas such as Canterbury Road shops and through Hawthorn and Camberwell.

In 2005, I prepared a route map and proposal for this link, using a previous report prepared in June 1996 and exploration along the possible route.

East West Link route and the Principle Bicycle Network (PBN)

The trail would run roughly parallel to the Lilydale & Belgrave rail line, extending from the Yarra River Trail at Burnley to Mitcham station. Currently all east west routes are primarily wide kerbside lanes with the one main exception being the exclusive Bicycle Lane along Mont Albert Rd. A dedicated trail would be a major improvement over the existing wide kerbside lanes.

If elected, I will make the planning and construction of the East West link one of my priorities on Council.


Shade required for a playground in Normanby Road

A local resident contacted me to suggest that the children's playground in Normanby Road near Campbell Street has no shade and the equipment gets too hot to use.

I commit to following this matter up as I think protecting our children from the sun is important for health reasons, as well as improving the use of the playground.

Two possible options for addressing this are shade sails and planting shade trees.

Monday, 10 November 2008

I support the Kew Cottages Coalition proposal

If elected to Boroondara Council, I will support the Kew Cottages Coalition Plan, as endorsed by the Upper House Select Committee on Public Land Development.

Based on the current development proposals, the further development of the KRS site in Studley Ward will result in a missed opportunity to use the purpose built facilities for much needed disability and respite care.

The Victorian Government should review the current proposal for the KRS development to ensure the project incorporates protection of the heritage trees and buildings, protection of open space and provision of much needed disability services.

More details: Kew Cottages Coalition proposal for KRS Site

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

My nomination for Cotham ward

I have nominated for Cotham ward for the upcoming postal election for Boroondara. As a long-term resident, I greatly value our tree-lined streets, parks and gardens, recreational facilities, cultural activities and diversity.

My community activities include park revegetation and taking local action on our journey towards sustainability and addressing climate change.

I believe we should preserve the character of our distinctive suburbs, which are recognised for their many examples of fine period housing.

I am passionate about our open spaces, heritage, clean air, conservation of energy and water and provision of vital services to our community.

This is part of my vision to help build a better, more sustainable city and foster a vibrant and cohesive community

If elected, I will work to:
  • Provide more childcare and kindergarten facilities to meet our growing demand
  • Ensure vital services that allow older people to remain at home in comfort are properly provided and resourced
  • Get better value from our rates
  • Improve our public parks and recreation facilities
  • Promote our small businesses and suburban precincts
  • Make our delightful strip shopping centres more pedestrian-friendly
  • Ensure that urban development is appropriate and sensitive to the character of our suburbs
  • Provide more bicycle paths and on-road lanes throughout the city
  • Advocate for improved public transport
  • Protect our open spaces
  • Make our city more sustainable by increasing recycling, saving water, promoting energy efficiency and reducing our carbon emissions.
I will also hold regular ward meetings to get your input on local issues that I will take to Council.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

History of Cotham Ward

Cotham was a settlement from the early 1850s, near Wellington Street east of Denmark Street where the two roads from the river crossings met. The roads then diverged and travelled to settlers along the river or along the Main Gippsland Road due east.

It was soon overshadowed by the larger Village of Kew, also established in the 1850s just north along the road to Bulleen, later called High Street.

The Main Gippsland Road was generally known as the White Horse Road after the hotel in the Box Hill district, but on the Kew side of Burke Road it retained its name as the Cotham-road, the road to Cotham.

Cotham Ward contains parts of the suburbs of Kew, Balwyn, Balwyn North